The following tools and equipment are still in our inventory and used if a certain task calls for them.

ELECTRIC CABLE – 1/8″ TO 1 1/4″ cables for 3/4″ to 8″ drain and sewer lines.

KINETIC ENERGY – used for bathtub drains, drum traps, sinks, showers, toilets and some floor and garage drains.

FLUSH BAGS – these are used to provide direct pressure in single floor drains, single garage drains and even in some branch lines and laterals.

AUGERS – used for toilets, urinals and smaller drain applications.

PLUNGERS – Yes, sometimes a good old plunger is all that is needed. (We suggest you try one first!)

” Do you have a project that you need completed? Not sure how to do it? Call us. If we can’t help you, we can put you in touch with those who can ! “

             STERLING Drain D”Rooter~WHATEVER IT TAKES !